Corporate governance

Supervisory Board

Maralbek Gabdsattarov

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Harper Hygienics S.A. & iCotton SIA

Maralbek Gabdsattarov: the largest shareholder and founder of the Group, started his career in 2001, initially serving as a distributor of hygiene and beauty products tailored for the CIS markets. In a decisive move in 2011, to serve the European market Mr Gabdsattarov decided to launch production facilities in Europe, which resulted in the establishment of SIA iCotton in Liepaja, Latvia. Through astute management and leveraging EU grant programs, a cutting-edge production facility was successfully developed, reflecting Mr Gabdsattarov’s commitment to market diversification and entry into Western markets. The year 2017 witnessed a significant milestone as Mr Gabdsattarov orchestrated the acquisition of Harper Hygienics S.A., strengthening the European portfolio of the Group. Currently serving as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board for the Issuer and the Guarantor, Mr Gabdsattarov continues to provide strategic guidance, showcasing a unique ability to navigate diverse markets and manage complex organizational structures

Jānis Bormanis

Member of the Supervisory Board of iCotton SIA

Jānis  Bormanis is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in crafting diverse financial structures, encompassing debt financing acquisition, project financing, and capital market financing attraction. Mr Bormanis has honed expertise in various corporate and investment banking management roles at financial institutions in Germany and Latvia. Mr Bormanis holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (BWL) from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Atis Zvidriņš

Member of the Supervisory Board of iCotton SIA

Atis Zvidriņš is a distinguished professional serving in key supervisory roles. With a background that includes roles as Investment Director and CFO, Mr Zvidriņš has demonstrated a robust track record in financial leadership and investment management. In his present capacity as Investment Director at ALTUM, Mr Zvidriņš brings a wealth of experience to the strategic oversight of various ventures.

Management Board

Sergejs Binkovskis

Chairman of the Management Board of iCotton SIA (Issuer)

Sergejs Binkovskis is a dedicated and seasoned professional with a robust background in production management and supply chain operations. Bringing over a decade of experience, Mr Binkovkis has been an integral part of the company since 2011, contributing significantly to the enhancement of production processes, material supply, sales and finished product stock management. Mr Binkovskis has eighteen years of experience in the production industry and since 2005 has worked in several companies, including Bella Art and Enigma Lux.

Dmitrij Kostojanskij

Chairman of the Management Board of Harper Hygienics S.A.

Dmitrij Kostojanskij is a dynamic professional who has been an integral part of the Group since 2013. From 2013 to 2018, Mr Kostojanskij served as an advisor for iCotton SIA, playing a pivotal role in the development and implementation of cost-cutting programs. In early 2017, he took on the role of Interim Vice-President of the Supervisory Board at Harper Hygienics S.A. In this capacity, he assumed a crucial role in a project group focused on company acquisition. Since the end of 2018, Mr Kostojanskij has held the position of Chairman of the Management Board at Harper Hygienics S.A.